The Gizz Cooks
Artist by day and a Cook by night...

The Gizz Cooks...

Disclaimer # 1... I’m technically a cook not a chef.

It’s true that I’m not professionally trained, unless you count serving nightly meals to my family while they critique and pretend they are eating at a 5 star restaurant. 

That being said, my recipes are all food I love to eat and that I prepare myself. I cook like my grandmother cooked -- homemade real meals -- nothing processed.  Luckily I live in NYC and can shop like her too. I go to the butcher shop for meat, another store for veggies and so on. I firmly believe that you can keep your weight down and maintain a healthy lifestyle if you eat real foods (and of course portion control is important...unless it’s pasta with garlic and that case, f$ck it and eat the whole pound, you only live once!!!)

Disclaimer #2 ... My recipe measurements may not always be perfect. I’m  sorry. I feel cooking is an art form, and that you and you alone should decide how much flavor you want. I will provide you with the basics, but I don't usually measure. In writing out these recipes, I’ve started to, and I’ve tested almost all of them, so fingers crossed all should be good.  I might not tell the truth when it comes to how much garlic and oil I put on my pasta at dinner -- after all, a lady never tells :)

I have lots of loves in life, but the two big ones are Food and Art. I try and incorporate these two things into my daily life. By day, I am a visual manager at a luxury store, and by night, I’m a cook who plays with her food. You can find my dining room table going from test kitchen to art studio to photography studio all in a matter of hours. If I’m having a good a-ha moment, you will find it happening all at once, with the end result always the same -- me and my Blythe doll staring into the mess, daydreaming, and getting nothing accomplished.   

This website is a place for me to share my ideas and give you inspiration to cook for you and your family.

If you have questions, please email me at For daily pics and inspiration, follow me on Instagram: @Gizznyc

❤️ Lori