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Pride is Here! 
rainbow salad

1 cup each fresh Arugula and Spinach
5 red cherry tomatoes
5 yellow and orange heirloom tomatoes
1 red pepper cut diagonally
4 purple radishes cut into small pieces
Handful of blueberries and strawberries for color
Salad Dressing
Extra Virgin Olive Oil  *Balsamic glaze *juice of half of a lemon
 Stop Replacing & Learn to Create!

Slow cooking in a fast paced world.

Most of us feel that we don’t have enough time to eat right and exercise-never mind cook healthy meals and actually sit down and enjoy them. If you are like me, I work long days and have a long commute. I am lucky to have an hour when I get home before bedtime. I might opt out of my exercise routine most nights but I really try and stay with eating healthy home cooked meals.  Hey, we can all admit it’s much easier in the warmer months to eat healthy - toss a salad or throw some vegetables and chicken on the grill – Volia you have dinner.   Now that it’s winter, days are shorter its dark when you get home and all you want to do is curl up on the couch.

So what’s the secret to faster prep and a healthy meal…. a slow cooker?  If you don’t own one I suggest you buy one.  I use mine so much in the winter months I just leave it on the counter. If its there you will use it, promise!  Give yourself an extra 15 minutes in the morning to prepare your meals and it will give you more time to enjoy dinner in the evening. I love to make soups and stews. They are inexpensive to make and are great way to have a healthy meal that really cuts down on extra calories and fat.  Here are two great soups to start with…



Eggplant Rollatini with Arugula Pesto 
1 eggplant, peeled and sliced lengthwise, about ¼ inch thick
1-cup homemade tomato sauce or store bought
¼ cup of Parmesan cheese (extra for topping)
½ cup ricotta cheese
6 thickly sliced pieces of mozzarella cheese
½ cup of arugula pesto (recipe on my site)
½ lb. ground beef


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